Weaving my way around Rheumatoid Arthritis.

A week in review

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I’ve been busy… with this…

One of Our Girls has started laying. Her egg is lighter, smaller one. Each day, the egg she lays gets a little bigger. In another week she should be laying regular sized eggs.

Should get my fifth egg today – omelet for dinner!

We are keeping a close eye on the nesting box, but haven’t managed to catch her yet – so we don’t know who to thank!



and this… My garden is prolific. We are dehydrating tomatoes and making sauce. This is the first melon, 5 more on the vine. We’ve had stuffed peppers twice, and they are still producing, the new zucchini’s are starting up.

Watering and picking and eating it all is a full-time job!

It sure is nice to have food that I know doesn’t have any cross contamination from gluten.






A week has gone by. The journaling has gone well. So I have some data to consider.

I just did my measurements for the first time since April. I knew the edema was worse, just didn’t realize how much worse. All measurements, except my waist are up. I’ve gained back half the progress I’d made in the past two years, in terms of inches.  But I’ve only gained back 5 of the 25 pounds I lost. So, there’s good and bad there.  I must have converted some of the fat to muscle, since the weight has not gone up proportionately to the measurements. Hopefully, if I can figure out what’s causing the edema (besides the accidental glutening) I may actually be able to lose fat and edema bloat!

I’ve been gradually reducing my coffee consumption, by 1/4 cup a day  – today I’ll have my last 1/4 cup and tomorrow should be coffee free, without a headache. I guess I’ll replace my morning coffee with tea. Still like the ritual of waking up with a warm cup in hand, watching the world come to life while I wander around checking out the garden and feeding the chickens.

I started taking the new baby chicks outside for a few minutes each day. Put them in the “playpen” and watch them discover the world.

The Report Out – Sunday

DH is better – and worse. The old stuff is healing, so the medication is working, I have a whole bunch of new deep blisters from my last gluten experience. Seems the blister start a day or two later, and pop out for several days. But they are drying up quicker with the meds & aren’t as itchy.

Balls of feet are swollen this am, maybe a 3, left hand stiffer than right, all else about a 1.

Edema continues, not seeing any progress. Will start weekly measurements. The pocket where I injured my right knee is puffed up again. I see PT1 again on Tuesday, perhaps she can get some movement. I saw her last week for the first time since her surgery 8 weeks ago. I need to figure out a permanent cure for this, hope I’m not looking at a lifetime of weekly lymph massage just to keep it in check.

Yesterday I ate: Coffee, cream, sugar, bacon, tomatoes, peaches, pancakes, butter, mushroom soup made with fresh oyster mushrooms from the farmer’s market – heavenly, watermelon, ginger


The Report Out – Saturday

Everything about the same.

Yesterday I ate: coffee, cream, sugar, pork chop, chicken, avocado, asparagus, carrot, tomato, melon, peach, burger, sour cream, lettuce, onion, garlic, pepper, fritos, ginger, chocolate ice cream, apple butter


The Report Out – Friday

Joints & Edema around a 1 – my baseline.

DH is slowly healing – still red, itchy, dry, but less of all and no new blisters. Using the meds 1x a day & covering with hydrocollodial bandages to protect from abrasion & water. First real healing I’ve seen in 6 weeks. Maybe I’m done with this round.

Was talking to a peer yesterday, we’ve just started working together about 6 weeks ago, but are working closely and spending lots of time together. In spite of a 20 year age difference, we have a lot in common – gardens and chickens and an interest in diet & nutrition. When I mentioned RA, she was amazed. Seems she has a true understanding of the disease & hasn’t met anyone who has been successful with diet & alternative therapies as a treatment plan. Nice to meet someone who doesn’t think RA is the normal arthritis.

Coffee withdrawal is going well – down from 4 cups to 3/4 cup a day. Actually measuring and reducing by a 1/4 cup a day has been slow, but effective. 1/2 cup for the market tomorrow morning, then 1/4 cup for my leisurely Sunday newspaper on the porch & I’m done – with no withdrawal headache!

Yesterday I ate: coffee, cream, sugar, chicken, tomatoes, asparagus, carrots, onions, rosemary, melon, peach, broth, carrots, celery, onion, avocado, ginger


The Report Out – Thursday

Slept well


Everything about a 1.5 – edema, joints

Haven’t a clue what I ate – good stuff, and some chocolate ice cream and the last 2 cookies. That happens when I get zapped – my mind is the first to go.

But, we figured out what “got” us. Seems I was out of clean pepper, hadn’t washed any pepper corns for the grinder, and DXH grabbed the old pepper shaker and peppered the pork chops before he grilled them. So, now we are doing a deeper pantry purge. We were keeping some spices and condiments around that we wouldn’t eat because they hadn’t been proven to be 100% gluten-free – like the ground pepper – but that the two non-celiacs in the house could have. NO MORE – all the food that comes into the house has to be 100% safe for the three of us. This needs to be a no-brainer for them if they are going to cook for us. I thought about just banning them from the kitchen altogether, but they really are good cooks, and DXH runs the grill most nights – and he was really contrite when he saw DD1 breaking out in hives before his very eyes, and realized he had cause that with his thoughtlessness. I think, after 2.5 years, the seriousness of this has finally sunk in.

I always catch up on the weekend, but by Thursday my world seems to start falling apart – too much to do, too much to think about, the house is getting away from me and I forget to write things down. Sigh.

But the septic guy FINALLY came & pumped the tank & he said we were just in time, so potential disaster averted – my spidey senses had been on high alert. Next task – get the tree guy here for an estimate.


The Report Out – Wednesday

Slept well, but woke groggy.

UGH – 170.4 up again.

Bristol 6  & new blisters – so did I get zapped & how????

Feet back to a 3, hands at a 1.5.

DH is better – except that there are new blisters. ERGGGG. less red, less dry, less itchy

Yesterday I ate: coffee, cream, sugar, eggs, melon, chicken, zucchini, tomato, basil, chicken broth, carrot, celery, onion, pork chop, mashed potatoes, kohlrabi, steak, melon, lettuce, avocado, tomato. (melon, zucchini, tomatoes & basil from our garden)


The Report Out – Tuesday

UGH – 170.2

Slept well for 5 hours

Feet seemed different this am. Balls less swollen, but stiffness on tops, esp right, and near ankle.

Hands less stiff

One thing of note – compared to two years ago, at dx of celiac, my urinary incontinence is almost gone – no more urgency, no more mini pads, only occasional night-time forays, only very occasional leaking on sneezing – but most surprising of all – it comes back when I get gluten zapped.

DH on my hands is actually healing, less red, less itchy, no new blisters, no bleeding cracks. Still rough, dry, peeling, with some deep blisters that haven’t emerged

Yesterday I ate: coffee, cream, sugar, 2 eggs, chicken, tomatoes, 2 peaches, espresso, ice cream, stuffed pepper (rice, garlic, burger) zucchini & tomato & basil, corn & butter, vanilla sandwich cookies (peppers, tomatoes, zucchini & basil from our garden)


The Report Out –  Monday

Slept well early, then restless.

My joints are behaving. Weight down to 169.2

Feet best they’ve been in a long time, maybe a .5 this am.

Funny nerve pain in right heel when I drove to work, then tenderness when I walked in the late afternoon. What is this???? No visible swelling or redness.

Back ached after fixing dinner and cleaning up – a strong storm front is moving our way. But – the ache was more like a 2 or 3, down from a 5 last time.

Yesterday I ate chicken sausages, eggs, coffee, cream & sugar, root beer, chicken, zucchini & tomato & onion & basil, baked potato, butter, popcorn, vanilla sandwich cookies


The Report Out – Sunday

Up at 5, slept really well. I waited out the thunderstorm, and slept in the tent to a gentle all night rain.

My joints are behaving and I’ve lost 2.5 pounds – so lymph massage is good!

No crusty nose! So what is causing that????

Yesterday I ate chicken sausages, peach, coffee, cream & sugar, corn & butter & a root beer float. Just too hot to eat. So, it would seem that neither corn nor dairy exacerbate my symptoms.


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August 5, 2012 at 3:52 pm

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