Weaving my way around Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Day two – a different kind of storm

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There was a storm brewing yesterday, threatening, I could feel it in my bones.

I spent the early morning in the garden, planted 9 broccoli, 9 cauliflower (why do I keep planting them, they never grow for me), and pulled some weeds and dead cucumber plants from the area where I wanted to plant the next 9 broccoli. Moving the remaining plants, my little tool basket and the soil amendments to the new spot, I went in the house to get a drink. While I was gone, the chickens decided I needed a break and kindly ate the last 9 broccoli plants.

These unruly 4 teenager chickens fly well and have adopted my second garden. I can’t seem to keep them out. They don’t bother much, they don’t like okra or cucumbers or squash or nasturtiums or zinnias and the tender tomato tops are too tall for them to reach. They did destroy my new carrot bed, turning it into a dust bath. Carrots never grow for me anyway, so now I have an excuse.

The three chicks that grew up in the early spring liked that garden, too. Eventually they got too heavy to fly into it. So, time will tell with these new gals. Although I’m not real hopeful. Yesterday the leaders of the quartet flew over the gate in the main fence to free range in the side yard. I guess they aren’t as afraid of the fox as I am.

The spring triplets have started laying. Yesterday we had 10 eggs from 11 layers – a new record.

Since the chickens had decided my gardening was over, I retired to the house. It was 10:30 and hot as blazes by then. And the storm was coming. I could feel it in my bones.

Spent most of the day on the couch, either napping or reading blogs on the internet. I have taken a 7 month hiatus from all things RA/Celiac/Medical related. Not reading blogs, not researching, not going to any therapy appointments or doctors, trying hard not to let it creep into my conversation. I wanted to just focus on the things I love, the positive things in my life:  my friends and family,  garden,  chickens,  basket making and hiking.

But the storm was coming. And everything ached. I ached when I lay down, I ached when I sat on the couch, I ached when I stood at the counter, I ached when I walked. The storms that hover half a state away, for hours or days, those are the ones that cause trouble. Then the rain comes and washes the aches from my bones and life goes on until the next storm brews.

Only yesterday the storm never came, it hovered, it hung, it threatened, it promised, it kept me achy all the day. I napped several times, and rested for most of the day, but still I ached.

I sipped on chicken broth, ate chicken meat, reduced my coffee to 3 half-cup servings, and ate some melon. My tummy was happy, flat with no burps, no gas.

My PVCs were bad. At one point, I could see my shirt moving with the extra heartbeat. I called my son over to confirm and he could see it, too. My heart was beating so forcefully, it moved my shirt. Weird.

And still the storm hovered in the background.

I had roasted chicken (as opposed to boiled) for dinner – plain, no seasoning, no vegetables cooked with it. And I went to bed at 8, with all my parts aching.

And still the storm threatened. I slept fitfully, every hour waking to find another part tender. My left thumb, then my left elbow, my right shoulder, them my right hip, Burning lava in my forearms, left foot, then my right wrist – scariest of all.  At least they took turns, only one or two talking. And I could twist and turn, find a comfortable spot, and sleep until the next one spoke.

By 1:30 the storm was past. It never did rain, but the front blew through. My aches abated with the passing of that storm.

But there was a new storm brewing, a different kind of storm, one I don’t yet understand:

At 1:30 I wok with my tummy bloated,  again. Round and hard as a rock, full of gas. The fodmap book lists coffee as a potential problem, so today the coffee goes. I can’t believe it is that, since I drink it every day. Did the bad bacteria evolve in two days so that they could eat melon? Are they like the deer –  who eat their favorite things unless they can’t get them, then eat anything that’s around? How does this work?????? What is the timeline?????? Could this be what they sometimes call detox????

My eyes and nose were crusty this morning, and I have a few new, deep blisters on my fingers, and my tummy is still bloated.

The scale this morning showed 176.7, down from 178. So that’s good news. Maybe the floodwaters are starting to abate. I can see my ankle bones this morning.

Don’t know what to eat today.

I wish this storm would pass.


Written by wovensongs

August 11, 2013 at 6:30 am

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