Weaving my way around Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The numbers are in… most of them anyway

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Yesterday was a good day. Tummy flat, work was easy, joints behaved, fingers healing. Edema down a teeny bit. Monday the edema in my breasts had them feeling and looking like I’d had an “enhancement”, Tuesday they had deflated, and the edema moved to my arm pits not as attractive, but good that there’s movement, next stop should be that they’ll dump into the main lymph valves and OUT!

Saw the doc –

The test I was most interested in – the dairy – never got put on the list. Sigh. The lab still had blood, so it will get run and results should come back quickly. The D results aren’t back yet, either, for some reason, they always take longer. But I had that done in March, and it was still rising, so I think it will be fine.

All the food tests came back normal. I don’t show any allergies to any of the foods they tested, and they tested everything I normally eat in a week – spices and herbs and meats and nuts and fruits and veggies. So, that’s good news, but doesn’t help explain the gassy bloating when I eat.

All the blood work came back normal range except the B12. So she wants me to supplement that, and to raise the amount of D I’m taking to 5000 – 6000. Liver, kidney, blood sugar, blood cells, thyroid all are fine. White blood cells on the low side of normal, lower than in March, so she wants to check that again in 3 months.

But the best news of all was the RA factor and Sed rates were all in the normal range! So, “by the books” the RA is in remission. Tell that to the weather related and over use related flares. Guess there’s more to RA than the blood work! But I’m still grateful the numbers are down.

For the edema, she wants me to give up coffee and sugar, all kinds except fruit itself, and only the less sweet ones – says they are both very bad for edema. I’d already started that, from my research. It was nice to have my thoughts validated, and to have that be the first thing she indicated! I’m now past the coffee withdrawal headache, so I should be home free as long as I don’t succumb when I feel tired and need to keep going without a nap – that’s always what sucks me back in.

For the inflammation she wants me taking a probiotic and L-glutamine and drink 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice twice a day. This should help my gut heal, which will help the inflammation and hence the edema.

She had no ideas on the bloating, unless the dairy comes back positive – except to heal my gut and use the probiotic to try to change the gut bacteria.

I’ve never liked taking supplements, and the biggest challenge is finding ones that are gluten-free, then testing them with the home test kit, then bio testing them. It will take at least a week for each new thing, so it will be a month before I have them all lined up.

And she wants me to grow the Aloe myself – fresh is best. I can use bottled while it’s growing! Ha, there’s not enough space in my house to grow that many aloe plants. It would take a forest to have enough for 1/4 cup 2x a day. But I will try to find some aloe plants and see what happens.

She also recommends I grow some stevia, for use as a sweetener. That’s already in my garden. I don’t know if it winters over, so have to do some research on that, and how to use it! Just floating some leaves in my green tea didn’t work, so I guess I’ll have to crush them.

And come back after I’ve been on the supplements for two months for more blood work.

Yesterday I ate eggs and sausage and cherries (the last melon of summer is gone) and chips and salsa – except for the cherries, same as the day before. Then for dinner DS made shepherd’s pie and I ate that – full of veggies and potatoes and dairy. It was a yummy treat, and I’d had a coffee headache all day, in spite of two Advil and a cup of green tea with stevia leaves from my garden, so my will power was low, I was hungry, and wanting comfort.

My tummy felt fine all evening. Woke this am with it bloated to a 9 again. So, that experiment failed. Maybe it IS the dairy.

Doesn’t make sense, unless I can tolerate small amounts, but not larger. That would make sense with the overall pattern – if I have coffee w/ cream for breakfast, it isn’t enough to bother me. If I eat dairy with my dinner, it is and I bloat.

The  past few months I’ve increased my dairy consumption by having the yummy espresso/ice cream treat several times a week , and had increased my coffee to 3 cups a day, most days. That’s about the only dairy I eat. Never drink milk, sometimes cheese, but probably not even once a week. So, if I’d had a log, I cold have seen if the ice cream days = the bloat days. Only I wasn’t logging my food. 

This morning my fingers are only slightly stiff and swollen, the balls of my feet slightly swollen. Knees, hips, ankles all complained when I got out of bed, but are fine now. I seem to just be stiff first thing in the morning. Then it works its way out. Weight this am is 175.3, up .6 pound. Guess the gut bacteria feasted last night, all those nice carbs. 

I see the lymph therapist before work, so that will be nice. Since the lymph seems to be moving, maybe she can get it to dump. It is amazing when that happens, and I pee and pee and pee and pee all day. 



Written by wovensongs

August 21, 2013 at 5:37 am

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