Weaving my way around Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Some progress

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Woke this am with a flat tummy. Now I’m afraid to eat anything.

Sleep paralysis most mornings this week. Again this am. Vivid dreams, more pictures than usual. Normally, I dream in conversations.

The scale says 173.9 – a nice new number!

Fingers still itchy. The blisters usually continue to break out for two days.

Joints about the same 1.5 – 2 for stiffness and swelling. Balls of feet and toes swollen the most, upper thighs, axillary are better.

I did measurements this morning and have lost 7 inches in the past three weeks. Some measurements are up, some are down. The good news is that the edema is moving up my legs and arms – which is what you expect with manual lymph drainage. We’re actually pushing it out. I’m doing 1/2 hour twice a day, and seeing the therapist twice a week.

Taking B12, D, levothyrixine. I hope it’s not the B12 that caused the gluten blisters. I’ve been on it for 5 days now.

So, something – maybe just the lymph massage – is helping the edema. The gas and bloating are less, but not gone.  Progress, if slow.

I’m off to the garden center for broccoli plants.


Woke with tummy flatter that yesterday! Ate eggs. Worked in the garden until noon. Had 2 – just 2, teeny quarter sized figs, and my tummy bloated up to 9 again. Now, is it the food I just ate, or the coffee & ice cream from Friday night????

Spent the rest of the day reading on the couch. Had popcorn, as sometimes that helps the gas. Weird, I know. Perhaps the roughage moves things through faster.

I’d either overdone it in the garden, or was sick from whatever made my tummy bloat. Felt icky the rest of the day.

By dinner, my tummy was better and I was hungry. I ate steak, potato, okra, and corn on the cob. Bloated back up to a 9. Sheesh.

But I did weigh in at 174 Saturday am, and joints were still around a 1.5 or 2. Edema was slowly moving out.

Also, woke in the middle of the night with itchy blisters covering several fingers. They were even worse Saturday morning. ERG.




Woke with a flat tummy – really flat tummy, that stayed flat all day.

Had a lymph massage, and she did measurements. My legs and belly all are smaller, she is pleased, we are making progress.

Very long and trying day at work. Then groceries at Sam’s. I hate Sam’s. The lights, the noise, the people, the carts, everything about it. But I’m feeding 5 adults, and some things are just less expensive there. So, I go. And it makes me grumpy. I need to find a way to re-context Sam’s and find some joy in the experience.

Anyway, I arrived home with a car full of groceries. Oh, and my DD had given me the list that morning, so she instigated the trip.

Came in the house and she grumped at me about no room in the fridge. The boys were napping and DXH was tending the chickens, so I unloaded the car myself. Then DXH made a crack about no room in the fridge. And when I started to take things out of the bags to put away, DD snarked at me again.

I was already exhausted and hungry, and knew if I opened my mouth, what came out would not be nice, so I just left.

I drove to the mall, had a wonderful large Affogato for dinner, saw a really funny movie (The Millers, a spoof, which I usually hate, but this one was well done or else I was too tired to let my inner critic out, and was able to just be 9 again and laugh). Then went to the book store and read garden books until closing, came home and went to bed.

When I was a single gal (before the crew moved back home) I used to spend most Friday nights either in the book store or at the movies. Maybe I should return to that habit. Usually, by Friday night, I’ve had enough of people and I just want to be alone with my thoughts, or entertained until it’s time for bed.

Friday I ate chips & salsa and eggs, cherries and sausage, and ice cream and coffee.


joints around a 1-2, feet, ankles, knees, hands

hands – no cracks, no new blisters, healing, still swollen, less red, still dry & peeling

tummy flat! Edema top of thighs, axillary, back of left thigh, right buttock it’s moving. I can see shape in my calf again

woke frozen again, but slept all night, no other neuro symptoms

smelled perfume yesterday – it’s a good day when I can smell something besides diesel trucks and garbage dump.

neck stiff for third day, but better

pills – levothyroxine, B12 and D

Yesterday I ate: eggs, chips & salsa, cherries, cheese cake

Only 4500 steps yesterday, but 14 flights of stairs!


Written by wovensongs

August 25, 2013 at 8:41 am

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