Weaving my way around Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Day 13

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Almost made it two weeks.

DS returned from visiting DD2 last night and brought GF Bagels! This Jewish girl who grew up on NY city bagels imported to Illinois, and the occasional St. Louis bagel brought in on Saturday’s – but only if you got up early and stood in line at the deli – found it hard to resist. We ate them for 9 days straight when we were in Portland this spring, and I was fine. So, I had a little lapse and ate a bagel with butter for breakfast. One more with cream cheese tomorrow and then I’ll start all over on the AIP. No one should be coming here from Portland until the holiday, so I shan’t be tempted again!


Saw the Chiropractor/acupuncturist for my neck this morning. It continues to be stiff and in spasm. Ice 3 times a day and see him again tomorrow.

Food: potatoes, onion, celery, melon, chicken, bagel, butter, blackberries, cherry juice

20 oz H2O

Stats for the day

Sleep: 11:00-5:30 Slep straight through!

All joints behaving except RT pointer is still feeling jammed.

Weight: 180.4 Lost 1.6 pounds. Haven’t seen that number since the last prednisone in December. (Starting weight at beginning of AIP 182)

Edema Treatment: R2D2 – 1 hour left leg; 1 hour right arm

Exercise: zip – too hot

Meds & Supplements:



Oral Sinus Probiotic

1 prescript-assist probiotic

5,000 D3

L Glutamine 5gm

Foods eliminated to date:

Dairy, coffee, legumes, seeds, chocolate, seed based spices, rice and other grains, oils (except avocado, coconut and EVOO), nuts, sugar, some nightshades and gums (guar, carrageenan, etc.).

For now, I’m keeping tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, since I have tons of them in my garden, and corn.


Written by wovensongs

August 4, 2016 at 3:37 pm

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