Weaving my way around Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Regroup – AIP day 29 & FMD

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Saw the chiropractor for the second time for my neck. He did acupuncture and then an adjustment. My should and neck spasm were gone and all was well… until morning… when I woke up with such bad vertigo I had to have help getting into the bathroom and back to bed. Spent most of the day Friday in bed, and then it was a slow recovery for the next two weeks. All is well now, but I’ll never let a chiropractor touch my neck again. I think there is just too much RA in those vertebrae to mess around.

Stayed true to the AIP, except for adding back coffee – only one cup, but now have to do the gradual withdrawal again. It is my comfort food, and I was definitely needing something during the vertigo adventure.

Once the coffee is gone – which usually takes me 4 days, I’ll ditch the nightshades, too and then do an entire month of AIP and decide if I want to keep going, or start some introductions of new foods. I have an adventure planned for October 11-18, so whatever I do food wise, I need to make sure that I give myself time to recover before then, if I have any adverse reactions to introduction. Would love to add eggs back. I don’t think they bother me, and they are easy when away from home.

I’ve been reading about the Fast Mimicking Diet (Dr. Valter Longo), and am going to give that a try. The original diet cost $150 for the 5 days, and you have to get your physician to order it. I’m going to emulate it with avocados and Amazing Greens for 5 days  https://thequantifiedbody.net/fast-mimicking-diet/

I did a 3 day water only fast when the RA was first diagnosed, and that seemed to be a factor in turning off the original flare. The FMD is supposed to give you all the benefits of the water only fast, but with more comfort, because you get to eat 1000 calories the first day and 750 a day for the next 4 days. Not exactly a feast, but should make it much easier. There is some clinical evidence that doing a 5 day fast once a month can turn off the white cells that are programmed to attack “me”  – seems the white cells die and are replaced by new naive white cells that haven’t yet learned to attack. Anyway, the research is interesting and I love a good experiment, so here I go.

Just need to wait for the avocados to get ripe.

Food: coffee, steak, chicken, burger, lettuce, carrot, pepper

 16 oz H2O

Stats for the day

Sleep: 12:00-6:00 Slept straight through! Seems like I’m getting back to sleep pattern of 6 hours a night. That was most of my life from my teens to my mid 40’s when the autoimmune stuff started happening. So, maybe this diet is helping.

All joints behaving, even with the storm front approaching.

Weight: 179.4  Hooray! Finally under 180. (Starting weight at beginning of AIP 182)

Edema Treatment: R2D2 – 1 hour left leg; 1 hour right arm

Exercise: zip – too hot

Meds & Supplements:



Oral Sinus Probiotic


Foods eliminated to date:

Dairy, legumes, seeds, chocolate, seed based spices, rice, corn and other grains, oils (except avocado, coconut and EVOO), nuts, sugar, some nightshades and gums (guar, carrageenan, etc.).

For now, I’m keeping tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, since I have a plethora in my garden.

Written by wovensongs

August 20, 2016 at 8:58 am

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